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Liam C. Kelley is an assistant professor of history at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Trained in both Chinese and Southeast Asian history, he has written on such topics as Chinese settlers in seventeenth and eighteenth century Vietnam and the emergence of the concept of nation in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century Vietnam. He is the author of the book Beyond the Bronze Pillars, Envoy Poetry and the Sino-Vietnamese Relationship, from which most of his translations on MountainSongs come.

The photo of Liam is at Hai Van Pass, between Hue and Danang in Vietnam.

Boarding a Boat On Ming River 明江登舟
Crossing Ghost Gate Pass 過鬼門關
Crossing Ghost Gate Pass 過鬼門關
Crossing The Pass 過關
Crossing The Pass Is Hard 過關難
Early On The Road To Phoenix Citadel 鳳凰路上早行
Evening Crossing of South Pass 南關晚度
Expressing my Sentiments while Moored at Jingang Swamp 舟次金剛澤書懷
Ghost Gate Pass 鬼門關
Ghost Gate Pass 鬼門關
Ghost Gate Pass 鬼門關
Halting at Nanning Citadel 駐南寧城
Halting At Nanning Citadel 駐南寧城
Halting at South Holding Pass 駐鎮南關
Joyfully Composed While Crossing the Pass 過關喜賦
Ma the Wave Calmer's Temple at Jia Citadel 夾城馬伏波廟
Mooring at Night in Xinning 新寧夜泊
Nhi River Pavillion 珥河亭
On The Road In Lang Son 諒山道中
On the Road Toward the Southern Pass 南關道中
Passing By The Wave-Calmer's Shrine 過伏波祠
Resplendent, Resplendent are the Blossoms 皇皇者華
Setting Off By Boat On Ming River 明江舟發
Setting Off In The Morning From The Nhi River 珥河曉發
Seven Star Crag 七星岩
Song for the Dragon Citadel Zitherist 龍城琴音歌
South Holding Pass 鎮南關
South Holding Pass 鎮南關
Temple For The Wave Calming General 崛伏波將軍馬元師廟