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Beata Grant is Director, Asian Religious Studies Program at
Washington University in Saint Louis, MO. Her publications include:

* Mount Lu Revisited, Buddhism in the Life and Writings of Su Shi,
University of Hawaii Press
* The Red Brush, Writing Women of Imperial China, co-authored
with Wilt Idema, Harvard East Asia Monographs, 231, Harvard
University Asia Center, distributed by Harvard University Press
* Daughters of Emptiness: Poems of Chinese Buddhist Nuns,
Wisdom Press

A Dream Journey to the Mount Tiantai 夢游天台
An Inscription For The Studio of 思無邪齋銘 (並敘)
Dabeige Ji, At Chengdu 大悲閣記 成都府
Following the Rhymes of Ziyou's Bathing 次韻子由浴罷
Hearing That Wu Ziye Of Chaoyang Became A Monk 聞潮陽吳子野出家
Master Biancai Retreating To Longjing 辯才老師退居龍井
Moving (With An Introduction) 遷居(有引)
Presented to Huiqin 僧惠勤初罷僧職
Presented to the Abbot of Qingliangshan 次韻贈清涼長老
Presented To Wu Ziye 吳子野將出家
Recalling a Past Excursion to Wang Convent: Sent to Zaisheng 憶王庵舊游寄再
Requesting Buddhist Rosarybeads: Presented To Abbot Shi Of Nan Chan 乞數珠贈南禪湜老
Sending off Chan Master Xiaoben to Fayun 送小本禪師赴法雲
Song of the Honey-eating Old Man from Anzhou 安州老人食蜜歌
The Statue of Vimalakirti By Yang Hui-Zhi of the Tang, At Tianzhusi 維摩像唐楊惠之塑在天柱寺