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JONATHAN CHAVES (Chinese name Ch'i Chiao-han/Qi Jiaohan
齊皎瀚) was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1943. He earned his PhD in Chinese Literature from Columbia University in 1971, and is Professor of Chinese Language and Literature at The George Washington University, Washington, D.C., having served as chairman of the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures for a period of nine years.

Chaves has aimed at introducing Chinese poets previously unknown in the West in English translation. He has published the first books in English or any Western language on such masters as Mei Yao-ch'en/Yaochen 梅堯臣 (1002-60); Yang Wan-li 楊萬里 (1127-1206);Yüan Hung-tao/Yuan Hongdao 袁宏道 (1568-1610); Wu Li 吳歷(1632-1718; as a poet--his painting is famous); and soon (Fall,2006), Chang Chi/Zhang Ji 張籍 (c.766-c.830), in a book, Cloud Gate Song (Floating World Editions) which, in an experiment, will present 300 poems by Chang in rhymed or half-rhymed English translation, tracking the rhyme-schemes of the original Chinese texts. His book on Yüan Hung-tao, Pilgrim of the Clouds (Weatherhill, 1978), was nominated for the National Book Award in the translation category.

Chaves has also emphasized the relationship between poetry and painting in China, curating an exhibition on this theme for The China Institute in America (New York, Fall 2000), entitled The Chinese Painter as Poet.

He has also published original poetry, both in modernist style and in neo-formalist metrical forms with rhyme. For examples, see the on-line journal, Praesidium, and scroll down to "Four Poems in Paint."

Photo is of Jonathan and his 7 month old grandson Aaron.

A Record of My Trip to Mount She 攝山紀遊二首
Climbing The Heights At Ho-fu Mountain 九日登高河洑山
Early Rising at Huanzhu Temple 宿幻住曉起戲題
First Day of Spring On Gold Ox Road 立春日金牛道中
Gazing Afar at Wuzhen Temple 遠看悟真寺
Leaving Boxiang at Dawn 曉出柏鄉
Looking Out At South Mountain 雨中投興教寺望南山
On the Way to Yuqian 於潛道中偶成
Poem Written at Willow Lake 柳浪雜詠
Returning Late From Xianling Shrine 顯靈宮夜歸
Seeing My Poetry At Dingzhou 定州見拙詩搨戲題
Traveling By Boat To Gold Harbor 鄉落也陶然
Went Out Drinking With Master Liao 夜起同廖道人索酒