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Photo of Xiaolong in a razed shikumen just south of Xiantiandi in Shanghai.

Born in Shanghai, Qiu Xiaolong , a noted poet, novelist and translator, earned his first MA in Beijing, and published poetry, translations and criticism in Chinese as a member of the Chinese Writers’ Association, at the Academy of Social Sciences. After Tiananmen tragedy in 1989 he has lived in the USA where he earned a Ph.D in Chinese and Comparative Literature from Washington University in St. Louis in 1995. He chose Washington University due to his love of T. S. Elliot; Washington University was founded by T.S.'s grandfather.

In addition to a collection of poems in Mandarin called "Lines Around China," Qiu has written in English several highly acclaimed mystery novels set in modern-day Shanghai featuring Chief Inspector Chen, a politically savvy cop with a soft spot for poetry, the game of go and Chinese cuisine. Books in the Inspector Chen series include "Death of a Red Heroine" and "When Red is Black." The former received a 2001 Anthony Award for First Novel and was also named one of the 10 Best Books of the Year by National Public Radio. The latest installment in the Chen series, "A Case of Two Cities," was published in late 2006.

His works include:
A Loyal Character Dancer, Soho Press 2002
Death of a Red Heroine, Soho Press 2000
When Red Is Black, Soho Press 2004
A Case of Two Cities, St. Matin's Press

Treasury of Chinese Love Poems, Hippocrene Books, Inc. 2003
Poems of Tang and Song Dynasties, China Normal University Press, Shanghai, 2006 (A beautifully designed book! Unfortunately only available in China.)

Lines Around China

An Imperial Concubine 玉階怨
Autumn Dusk in the Mountains 山居秋暝
Changan Song 長干行
Farewell 送別
Frontier 涼州詞
Frontier City 出塞
Grass 草
Lament of the Inlaid Lute 瑤瑟怨
Leyou Plateau 登樂游原
Line Written on Wall of Donghu Village 念奴嬌
Lines Written in Dinghui Temple, Huangzhou 卜算子
Look out from the Riverside 江陵愁望寄子安
Mid-Autumn Festival Night (To the Tune of Shuidiaogetou) 水調歌頭
Mooring by the Maple Bridge at Night 楓橋夜泊
Night Thought 静夜思
No Self for Me to Claim (To the Tune of Linjiangxian) 臨江仙
On the Borders 出 塞
Red Cliff (To the Tone of Niannujiao) 赤壁懷古
River Snow 江雪
Spring Morning 春 曉
Staying Alone at Wang’s Home, in Mount Bo 清平樂
Ten Years (To the Tune of Jiangchengzi) 江城子
The Bamboo Groves 竹裏館
The Flute Sobbing (To the Tune of Yiqin'e) 憶秦娥
To a Poet Monk 送靈澈
Trip to Jiangling 早發白帝城