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Ronald Egan is professor of Chinese at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Ron works on traditional Chinese poetry, aesthetics, and literati culture of the Tang and Song periods. His publications include studies of major writers of the period as well as topical studies on literature, literary criticism and the relation between poetry and the other arts (painting, calligraphy and music). He is also the translator of selected essays of Qian Zhongshu, one of twentieth-century China's foremost literary scholars.

His current work is on the problem of justifying interest in beauty and aesthetic pursuits in Song dynasty China in such diverse fields as poetics, horticulture, the collection of art objects and antiquities, and entertainment songs. Before coming to UCSB, he taught at Harvard University and Wellesley College. He has received grants from the American Council of Learned Societies and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

A Journey from Puzhao to Two Cloisters 自普照游二庵
A Painting Of A Rural Marriage Scene, Two Quatrains, No. 2 陳季常所蓄朱陳村嫁娶圖
A Plum Tree Blossomed Fully in Front of Pine Winds Pavilion 松風亭下梅花盛開
An Outing in the Rain to Merciful Guanyin Hall in Tianzhu Monastery 雨中游天竺靈感觀音院
Awaking on a Boat at Night 舟中夜起
Calling-Bird Brook 鳥鳴澗
Cherishing the Past at Red Cliff 念奴嬌赤壁懷古
Climbing Cloud Dragon Mountain 登雲龍山
Cold Sky Long Road 天寒路遠
Dabeige Ji, At Chengdu 大悲閣記 成都府
Drinking on West Lake, Clear Weather Followed By Rain 飲湖上初晴後雨
Drunk At Lakeview Pavillion, No. 2 望湖樓醉書武絕 第二
During the Xining period . . . 熙寧中 . . .
East Slope, Eight Quatrains, No. 1 東坡八首 其一
East Slope, Eight Quatrains, No. 2 東坡八首 其二
East Slope, Eight Quatrains, No. 3 東坡八首 其三
East Slope, Eight Quatrains, No. 4 東坡八首 其四
East Slope, Eight Quatrains, No. 5 東坡八首 其五
Floating on the Ying River 泛潁
Inscribed on the Wall of West Forest Monastery 題西林壁
Lament of a Peasant Woman of Wu 吳中田婦嘆
Leaving My Post at Xuzhou (No.1) 罷徐州往南京 其一
On the autumn festival I pray for rain 立秋日禱雨宿靈隱寺
On Winter’s Day, I go to Lone Hill to visit the two monks, Huiqin and Huisi 臘日游孤山訪惠勤惠思
Returning Home to Yixing, Inscribed on Zhuxi Temple, Three Quatrains, No. 3 歸宜興留題竹西寺三首
Samgha's Pagoda in Sizhou 泗州僧伽塔
Seeing Off Can Liao 送參寥師
Seeing Off Revenue Officer Zheng 送鄭戶曹
The Mid-Autumn Moon, Sent to Ziyou 中秋月寄子由三首 其二
Villages In The Hills, Five Quatrains, No. 1 山村五首第一
Villages In The Hills, Five Quatrains, No. 4 山村五絕 其四
Watching the Tidal Bore, Five Quatrains, No. 3 八月十五日看潮五絕第三