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A Farewell Song of White Clouds 白雲歌送劉十六歸山
Addressed Humourously to Du Fu 戲贈杜甫
Laolao Ting, A Tavern 勞勞亭
On A Picture Screen 觀元丹丘坐巫山屏風
On Ascending the North Tower One Autumn Day 秋登宣城謝眺北樓
The Girl of Ba Speaks 巴女詞
The Night of Sorrow 怨情
The Phoenix Bird Tower 登金陵鳳凰臺
The Solitude of Night 自遣
The Summit Temple 題峰頂寺
The Women of Yue, Five Poems 越女詞五首
To Meng Haoren (2) 贈孟浩然 (2)